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Hamilton, Ontario
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Mission Statement- Concession Hearing Clinic, Hamilton
Concession Medical Hearing Clinic working in partnership with Concession Medical Pharmacy was co-founded by pharmacist Patrick Musitano, who recognized a need among his own patients in the Hamilton community for an advanced level of hearing healthcare. The ultimate objective of Concession Medical Hearing Clinic is to promote healthy hearing through a multi-disciplinary practice, improving the quality of life for our patients with an ever-expanding range of services.
At Concession Medical Hearing Clinic, we believe that maintaining healthy hearing has an essential impact on the individual and their day to day lives. Through continued education and innovation, we strive to ensure the most personalized and comprehensive hearing healthcare possible.

Pillars of Service- Concession Hearing Clinic, Hamilton

  1. Complete Evaluation of Hearing Health
  2. Pediatric Audiology (adult testing only at this time)
  3. Hearing Aid Repair, Fitting and Support
  4. Custom Ear Plugs
  5. Tinnitus Assessment
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