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Deciphering the features of hearing aids can be confusing, but the hearing professionals at Audiology Services will gladly help you select the right model for your needs. Thanks to advances in technology, we are able to offer our patients hearing aids in all shapes, sizes and colours, with perfect fit, sound quality and a host of other benefits. Read on to learn more about the various styles of hearing aids we offer.

Siemens Pure®
This hearing aid is nearly invisible when placed in the ear, yet is able to accommodate mild to severe hearing loss. Some benefits of this model include automatic volume adjustment and program settings that match your surroundings.

Siemens Life™
This sleek model delivers exceptional sound quality and has fully automated technology. It is available in a large variety of colours.

Siemens Motion®
The Siemens Motion is an easy to use hearing aid that is equipped with intuitive digital technology. Your preferences are stored in the unit so that you always have a consistent hearing experience.

Siemens Nitro®
If you are suffering from extreme hearing loss, this unit is designed for you. With two powerful performance levels to choose from, you never have to miss out on hearing the words and sounds that create meaningful life experiences.

Siemens Explorer®
This unit is designed exclusively for the hearing needs of children, with advanced features to accommodate the unique challenges associated with all ages, from birth to adolescence.


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