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For individuals with hearing loss, the addition of a hearing device will improve the quality of life immensely. For those experiencing these hearing difficulties, the correct hearing aids are integral to maintaining strong auditory function including the most normal hearing possible. While it may take time to adjust to wearing hearing aids, our Hearing Instrument Specialist (HIS) is on hand to assist clients with a range of concerns. Concession Medical Hearing Clinic’s support continues with proper fittings and counselling to ensure the comfort of the hearing aid and demonstrations on how to wear and care for the device properly.

Our services and support are intended to help our clients integrate the correct hearing aids into their day to day activities. By assessing the hearing health of the individual, we establish whether a specialized hearing device is necessary and determine the right product to suit that individual’s specific lifestyle.

Hearing aids are available in many shapes, models and sizes and we recommend a range of hearing devices, including latest technologies to ensure a high quality of care. We advise our clients on superior, well tested products and are able to find the right fit for individual needs dependant on the extent of hearing loss and lifestyle requirements.

At Concession Medical Hearing Clinic in Hamilton, our Hearing Instrument Specialist (HIS) is available for those experiencing technical problems and has the expertise to address many of these issues. Working together with our clients, we experience great success in improving their quality of life with the right hearing devices combined with our outstanding services and support.


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