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Tinnitus is more widely known as a “ringing” in the ear when there is not an external sound present. This ringing may accompany the loss of hearing or it may occur where no hearing loss is present. Tinnitus may be a symptom of an underlying issue. If it is a constant or reoccurring problem, a medical examination should be scheduled to eliminate an array of possible concerns.

Tinnitus is also associated with different auditory conditions. At Concession Medical Hearing Clinic in Hamilton, our clinician can perform a hearing health evaluation to ascertain if Tinnitus is the direct result of an auditory irregularity. Once the principal cause is determined, the correct course of action should end the discomfort of Tinnitus.

Concession Medical Hearing Clinic has many treatment options available to remedy this disorder and patients should be appraised on an individual basis. If the ringing persists even though traditional treatments have been explored, our clinician may suggest testing some alternative options to alleviate the Tinnitus.

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